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In case you are not aware COVID-19 means This is CODE RED. Physical Distancing means 2 metres apart. Are your services compliant? If not, stop what you are doing and implement change IMMEDIATELY.

Dear BASHH Members,

This page has been set up to provide BASHH members with a central resource that can support local responses to COVID-19 and contingency planning. The ambition is to keep this page updated with useful items as the situation develops in the coming weeks. Please follow the announcements below.

Additional documents can be downloaded from the resource library below. If you have any suggestions for this page, or have items that you feel would be useful for other BASHH members to have sight of, please email


Change text to: BASHH has issued updated guidance (24th March) on the provision of sexual health services to the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. This guidance reflects the unparalleled circumstances we are entering into and offers additional and extended options and strategies to services in their unstinting efforts to maintain access to the highest quality sexual and reproductive health and HIV care. It has been informed through joint working with national reproductive health and HIV partner organisations.

Thank you to the many colleagues across the UK who have contributed to this document. We anticipate an updated review within 1-2 weeks. We have also uploaded sample in-clinic guidance and pathways which the authors have made available and which you may wish to adapt for local circumstances.




On Friday 13th March, BASHH circulated a ‘quickfire’ survey to members asking for feedback on local COVID-19 contingency plans that were being put in place, and to encourage the sharing of tips and advice. As of the evening of Monday 16th March, 44 members have responded to the survey, and a snapshot of information submitted is available to download in the following documents:


Other useful resources in the context of COVID-19 will be made available below:

  • Pandemic Flu Contingency Plan: In 2007 Simon Barton and Jackie Sherrard authored a preparatory paper on contingency planning for out-patient GUM and HIV services in the context of pandemic flu. You may find the recommendations in this paper useful to support your own local service planning - DOWNLOAD HERE
  • Umbrella Sexual Health COVID-19 Planning Documents: Umbrella Sexual Health Service in Birmingham have kindly shared a number of very helpful COVID-19 contingency planning documents, available for all BASHH members to download below:

  • Sex, COVID-19 and Social Distancing: HIV Scotland have helped to produce an extremely helpful resource providing advice and FAQs around COVID-19, sex and social distancing – DOWNLOAD HERE
  • Sexual Health South West London COVID-19 Pathways Document - DOWNLOAD HERE
  • Wycombe COVID-19 Clinic GuidanceDOWNLOAD HERE
  • Exemplar COVID-19 temporary in-house protocols: zip folder containing range of helpful COVID-19 protocol documents, from telephone triage advice, template patient letters, courier request forms and FP10 toolkits – DOWNLOAD HERE
  • Hepatitis B vaccination during COVID Response: A 1-page advice paper from Gary Brook on whether a single hepatitis B vaccine dose is sufficient as post-exposure prophylaxis as an interim measure during the Covid-19 epidemic – DOWNLOAD HERE

  • BASHH Guidance on Sex, Social Distancing and COVID-19: Advice from BASHH on sexual contact, accessing sexual health services, HIV testing and care and sexual assault services – DOWNLOAD HERE


Resource library

  • contains 15 itemsResourceLibrary
    • 2017 Pandemic Flu guidance07.17 pandemic flu contingency plan.doc
    • Survey SNAPSHOTBASHH COVID-19 Survey Snapshot - 16.03.20.pdf
    • Survey SUMMARY TextBASHH COVID19 Survey Summary - Text Only 16.3.20.pdf
    • Exemplar COVID-19 temporary in-house protocols - Zip
    • Immediate safety planning for DA survivors during Covid 19 pandemic BASHH SV SIG.docx
    • Is a single hepatitis B vaccine dose sufficient as post.docx
    • Pandemic COVID 19 Sexual Health Services Priorities v0.5 BASHH.docx
    • Pandemic COVID 19 Sexual Health Services Priorities v0.5 BASHH.pdf
    • Sex COVID-19 and Social Distancing FAQ (2).docx
    • SHSWL Covid 19 pathways v6 (1).docx
    • Umbrella COVID Flowchartv1.doc
    • Umbrella COVID-19 Operational Plan 160320.docx
    • Umbrella Sexual Health COVID-19 phone triage form v5.doc
    • Umbrella Sexual Health Triage COVID clinican notes v2.docx
    • Wycombe Covid-19 clinic guidance.docx

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